Brigid Brannagh and Catherine Bell in Army Wives

So a lot of you hear about the famous series Army Wives and definitely you know that our star Catherine Bell has the starring role in it, and I talked about her role in previous subjects, so in this article we will talk about one of her colleagues who participated in this great masterpiece and let me present some information about her … she is Brigid Brannagh.
Brigid Brannagh is an American actress was born in August 3, 1972 in San Francisco, California, she is of Irish Ancestry. Brigid has eight sisters and brothers and she is fourth child of her family.  Brigid started the acting career around the age of thirteen.

Her acting career:
She had many guest roles in many TV programs like her role in CSI: Crime Scene Investigation, where she played serial felon Tammy Felton in the first two seasons of the serial.
Brigid then starred in many roles like Over That and Kindred: The Embraced, in addition to recurring roles like Virginia Bryce, Wesley Wyndam-Pryce’s girlfriend in the second season of the serial Angel.
She guest starred in the second season of the episode Charmed as an evil whose name is Tuatha.
Then in 2007 the best role for Brigid came in the big TV serial Army wives beside Catherine Bell and other stars where she took the role as Pamela Moran for the sex seasons of the show until 2012.
In 2011 she starred in her role in the Hallmark movie Crush on You and in Not That Funny.
After her participating in Army Wives she acted in the ABC drama series Gilded Lillys where she took the role as Elizabeth.
Her personal life:
Brigid Brannagh is married to Justin Lyons and they live in Los Angeles, California.

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