Howard Stern show and Catherine Bell Breasts

I collected some interesting photos about Catherine bell during her interview in Howard Stern show and how they measured her body and huge breast. So let’s enjoy her sexy photos and comment on it.
Note that I collected some of her photos and commented on in comedy way in order to enjoy the reader in watching her photos and having something special in our website. Hope you like it.

The star of Jag entered the show with sexy appearance leaving her left side of blouse falling down to reveal her bra … it is sexy.

She started to say welcome through microphone to her fans and followers .

Catherine prepared her left breast for measuring .

Here the turn of other breast to be measured like its sister.

She rested for a while because her new job- measuring breasts – costs a lot of her efforts , hard working.

She remembered her stage after pregnancy and how she suffered from feeding their children , it is painful , but in the same time pregnancy stage offers big size of breasts, and this good for her .

The presenter started to take her middle measure in order to make balance and know the right measure of her breasts.

“Take your time , you should do it in the better way “ she said to the presenter.

Now we reach to the rich subject , measuring her breasts … I think he would take 1 hour to do it … numbers on the measuring tool is not clear because her breasts make it hard to see them.
Yes she won , getting the top scorer in breasts measuring .

It is telephone of Guinness to put her record in its book.

Last word for her to people who supported and helped her to increase her breasts size.

Thanks for following , we wish you have fun of those photos , it is right that they are old but we  try to remember our star through her works .

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