The secrets behind the beauty of Catherine Bell after her pregnancy

The British actress Catherine Bell is familiar to Hollywood. She offered many roles and all of them make her a familiar star not only in Hollywood but also around the world, her best role was in JAG and after that in another wonderful work Army Wives.
On the personal side of Catherine Bell she has a beautiful daughter named Gemma (born in 2003). Catherine Bell was decided to study biology but she turned to be a model in Japan and after that she becomes one of the famous and best actresses in Hollywood.
In her interview, she is asked about the secrets of her beauty and she presented some of advices and instructions which you should apply in order to achieve the best results as your superstar Catherine Bell.
She said that she could not live without Under-eye concealer when she was a pregnant. She admitted that she resorted to rub Benadryl gel on her belly in order to sleep because she was suffering from itchy phase during her pregnancy. Catherine mentioned that she used Bath & Body Works cocoa with Gemma in order to prevent stretch marks.
And for her quick makeup tips she mentioned that she uses cream blush, concealer, and lip gloss. And she likes cucumber slices or just ice pack helping her with bags under the eyes.
The star of JAG said that she pampered herself by taking a massage, hot bath, walk, pedicure, etc.
On the side of sensual ability after the period of pregnancy the belle Catherine Bell said that she likes to buy pretty lacy underwear or bras, this makes the effort and any woman will start to feel it with her partner.

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