Catherine Bell revealed her Weight loss

The star of Army Wives Catherine Bell has been fought with a disorder of eating in the past years of her starring. When  she started her career as a model in Japan and that time was before ten years , Catherine bell said that she was felling completely depressed during her four – month tour in that country.
The JAG star said that she was eating so much and then became very ugly because of her over-weight and as result of her over-eating,  she got about 20 pounds, and after that she decided to loss her excess weight and with the good nutritional eating habits and very regular exercise in addition to the support of her family and friends.
Catherine Bell ‘ result in losing weight stands as testimony for what she had been struggled in order to get good weight and as she said that she is now 128 pounds by the good food and the right exercise that she was doing.
 As we now that Catherine Bell started as modeling at the age of 16 , and she declared during her time on the runway , she does not have exciting memories .
She admitted that when she finished her four month tour in Japan as modeling career , she was very depressed and started to eat so much in a way she got an ugly  eating disorder thing.
Her family and friend, as she said , supported her and helped her to get her right weight and her beauty again.
She depended on her Nutritional staples in food regimen on vegetable juice and egg white omelets for her breakfast , and for dinner and lunch , her food is fish or chicken .
 Many people are able to eat without a good disorder but a lot of them who can get the healthy and regular eating disorder , especially Hollywood stars .

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