The Character of Catherine Bell

Catherine Bell acted very great role on one of the most famous show in North America, she played colonel Sarah Mackenzie on CBS’s military court drama JAG.
Our actress also shared in a special role in the television series Army Wives. Catherine said that she likes to show people that she is sexy, she adds that in talk show or in photo she likes to wear sexy dress to be different from the daily life. Last time Catherine was dating bad boys because she was bad girl, of course that was before marrying her husband. But she has not had to resort to posing in play boy to bolster her career. Catherine had a good influence in Dream On which was with Brian Benben, she also appeared with Jim Carrey in Bruce Almighty. Catherine began as model in the college, and then she travelled to Japan to model for many months. After that she turned to act because she was very shy and she tries to leave her shyness by acting. Her parents supported her decision for acting but it takes a lot from her to be famous and to make good works. She started as a guest in the television show Dream On in 1994. When she was a child she appeared in many TV commercials but her ambition was being famous artist, then she went to study medicine in UCLA she was hoping to be surgeon or a biomedical engineer and then she change to be actress. Catherine Bell has sense of art and she tried a lot to be famous and to leave a great influence in her movies or shows, she tried a lot and she leave her college to achieve her dream and she succeed in that by making great roles.     

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