Catherin Bell on Love and War

Catherin Bell said for Denise that losing her friend was brutal and rough she now becomes strong and she cannot cry anymore.
They are strong and brave women in Army Wives, they handle with a lot of problems and hold down the fort , help others through it. The physical and psychological issues from last season will come back, there are some moments when she is angry and upset and Claudia Joy died because of diabetes and her best friend will die , so it does not go away but it comes again the emotion . She is military wife and the fans like the relationship between each other , at first her husband was rough and hard but he warmed up through all the stuff. She said that she thinks  people will like this change in his character and how he will loves and cares her. She had a new baby and she feels all the emotion come when she just says my son . they asked Catherin about the issues of the war in the series she said that they like neutral life because it is not about war, it is about families and the problems which they face in their life , the series also talk about friendship , love , life and family. Brooke Shields will share in this season . The important question that always asked to the actress, how she stays look great and fresh, she said that she always plays sport keeps moving and active. In case of her beauty she always makes masks for her face and she puts many kinds of creams to nourish her face and skin. She uses simple makeup which makes her always seem beautiful and fresh and she always cares in her clothes and how she will be in the shows.

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