Catherine Bell’s Diet

Catherine Bell is an American British actress who is very famous in her role in the show JAG from 1997 to 2005, she also takes the role as Denise Sherwood in Army Wives and she shared in the movie Evan Almighty. In 2008 she takes the main role in The Good Witch and in 2009 Catherine acted in The Good Witch’s Garden and in 2010 she shared in the series movie The Good Witch’s Gift. She looks very amazing although she is 42 years old all that because of her diet and the exercise that she always does.

Catherine follows diet and she does not leave it at all, she eats healthy food that makes her has healthy and beautiful body. She tries to focus on portion control in her food which is the meals and snacks. Catherine always tries to concentrate on the kind of her food and she thinks that two healthy meals each day are enough to have a great body. Catherine declared that she tried diet without carbohydrate but that was not true because all the weight you will lose and when you eat carbohydrate again all the weight will be back, and it is very boring to eat the same kind of food, it is not a diet for a life time. You have to be moderation in your diet and in this way you can make it the diet for a life time because you can stay with it.
Beside the diet Catherine follows exercise, she always makes sports and she likes being active and full of energy. Her favorite sports are skiing, kick boxing, water skiing, golfing, snowboarding and mountain biking. She does all this sports to keep on her shape. Catherin said that she likes the winter sports because it helps her to have the greatest shape. The kick boxing also helps her to burn a lot of calories.

Catherin looks after her body by following regular diet and by being active and playing all kinds of sports in all season, so after all that of course she will get the greatest shape. 

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