Catherine Bell in Thrill Seekers

It is known as also Shifters , starred Casper Van Dien, Catherine Bell , Martin Sheen , and Julian Richings and others. Thrill Seekers is a 1999 science fiction movie . Thrill Seekers is written by Kurt Inderbitzin and Gay Walsh, and is directed by Mario Azzopardi.  The music of the movie is created by Fred Molin, and it distributed by TBS .  
It is aired on October 17, 1999 on TBS, and it was shot in Hamilton, Ontario, Canada.

7 interesting facts about Catherine Bell

Away from her great works and movies and for the sake of her latest news followers , I present some interesting facts about the star of American series JAG Catherine Bell , who presented and still present a lot of great works to the degree that she printed her name on movies and works  , accustoming her fans to link her name always with those work.

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