Did Catherine Bell get married secretly?

Sorry guys but your star Catherine Bell is off market now.
The Washington daily news reported yesterday that the best known for her role on the show series JAG Catherine Bell has got contracted with a long term relationship with an unknown person.
There are speculation speaking about announcing the engagement of Catherine Bell with someone, and it sounds like Catherine Bell with her lover might have just jumped straight to wedded bliss! The news claimed that there some people in the party saw her wearing a new weeding ring.
The news added that the couple managed to have a weeding in a secret place away from people and just their close friends will attend their weeding.
The website shows reactions to rumored weeding from Twitter.
And a close friend of them twitted that the couple seem to be very happy and live in harmony.
But for my opinion it still a big lie and the star of Family Witch has no relationship with any one , and if she has she will declare that, she is very strong person and she does not have what she may hid it in her personal life.
I find this news written in the internet and I try to write something about this news, but I am not confident that Catherine Bell is married for much reason.
I do not know how is that unknown man who has a relationship with the belle Catherine Bell, and who is that close friend who saw them happy,  and who saw her new weeding ring and how he knew that it is new weeding ring… they are all lies just to hunt internet fans of the star Catherine Bell.
Sorry for wasting your time with lair news (I think so) but you should know the truth of this news.

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