The Good Witch’s Charm

The Good Witch is an American movie which aired on TV by Hallmark Channel on January 19, 2008. Catherine Bell took the starring role as Cassandra Nightingale in addition to the actor Chris Potter took the role as Sheriff Jake Russell.
The movie was filmed in Niagara on the lake Ontario and Hamilton although it was set in Middleton, USA.  The Good Witch’s Charm considered the fifth part of the Good Witch series.
The plot of the Good Witch’s Charm:
Cassie Nightingale the good witch (Catherine Bell) is returning back to her bewitching ways, this time she is juggling with her job as town Mayor and a newborn daughter. She and her husband who is the sheriff of the town Jake Russell are not getting much sleep due to their busy schedule.
So Cassie planned to have a vacation with her family hopping for a break from her work. Suddenly, a crime happened in the town preventing her from doing her plan, and an investigator reporter (Geordie Johnson) tried hard to ruin the image of Cassie through a video of Cassie magically disappearing which it turns up in the internet.
The things become worse when her estranged mother (Janet-Laine Green) appeared in the town and the stepdaughter of Cassie (Hanna Endicott-Douglas) is accused of some robberies.
Finally by the supporting of her family and friends, Cassie decided to rely on her signature charm to stop the rumors before destroying the town and the reputation of the Good Witch.
The Good Witch’s Charm Casts:

Catherine Bell
Cassandra Nightingale
Chris Potter
Sheriff Jake Russell
Matthew Knight
Brandon Russell
Hanna Endicott-Douglas
Lori Russell
Nathan McLeod
Jesse Bostick
Paula Boudrea
Noah Cappe
Deputy Derek Sanders
Catherine Disher
Martha Tinsdale
Peter MacNeill

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