Catherine Bell and The Good Witch’s Destiny

The Good Witch’s Destiny is a Canadian family movie of 2013, Annie Frisbie wrote it, and Craig Pryce directed it. It has many stars like Catherine Bell who took the leading role in addition to Chris Potter, Catherine Disher, Robin Dunne, Matthew Knight, Peter MacNeill, and Hanna Endicott-Douglas.
Destiny is the sixth part of The Good Witch series, which received big success and it premiered on October 26, 2013 on Hallmark Channel.
The plot of the Good witch’s Destiny:
Cassie Nightingale (Catherine Bell) asked her husband Middleton Police Chief Jake Russell that she will make a big party and will host all her family and friends, because she thinks that this is the last time she will see them together.
George is Jake’s father in law and his new wife Gwen wishes to throw birthday party of Cassie at the bed.
Martha Tinsdale is Cassie friend and she complains to her friend that a recent heat wave causes a sewage spill to stink up her new candy store. So Cassie tried to help her to clear the air by giving her special incense. But it makes the smell of the store worse.  And Drew cannot pay for his weeding so he tends to cancel it, who is estranged son of Gwen. Drew and Martha blamed Cassie for her help.
Cassie takes an old book from Lori written by Edward Whymark, which is a pseudonym for Elizabeth Merriwick, she runs away with her lover Andrew Whymark where they living a long and fruitfull life.
Drew makes peace with his mother and Cassie congratulates Lori and praised her skills.
Casts of The Good Witch’s Destiny:
Actor, Actress name
Role name
Catherine Bell
Cassandra Cassie Nightingale
Chris Potter
Chief Jake Russell
Robin Dunne
Catherine Disher
Martha Tinsdale
Matthew Knight
Brandon Russell
Hanna Endicott-Douglas
Lori Russell
Peter MacNeill
George Russell

The Good Witch’s destiny rating and critical reception: It is watched by 2.82 million viewers in its original airing. It is given 4 star point of five by Emily Ashby of Common Sense Media.
I think you should watch this movie; it is hard to know the details of its plot because it is a part of the Good Witch series and you have to see the previous parts in order to know the plot of this part.

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