Catherine Bell Height

When we talk about Catherine bell, we talk about different taste in the acting world through this belle who summoned the Western English beauty with the Eastern Iranian one.
Catherine Bell, the star of JAG and other famous big shows, enjoys all aspects which make any women superstar in the Hollywood world, so if we look for the smallest details of our beautiful actress Catherine Bell like Catherine Bell height, Catherine Bell Tattoos, Catherine Bell boyfriend, Catherine Bell dating, and everything about her.
She gives a lot for her fans and lovers and affects positively on them through her appearances on the small screen , though this make them to follow her and know a lot about her personal life.
Now I am sure you are excited to know Catherine Bell height and if her Height is suitable compared with the beautiful stars colleagues of hers.
The 45 years old is 5’ 10” (1.78 m) she has a suitable height and compared to her ex-husband David Duchovny she is shorter than him a bit, where David is 6’ 4”. Catherine Bell through her own website declared that some people assume that she is shorter than David without realizing her right height.
Now my gift to you is I present more details about your star Catherine Bell, like weight, Bra size, her measurements, and some other details.
Catherine Bell was born in August 14, 1968 so she is 45 years old, her weight is 56 kg (124 Ibs), and her horoscope is Leo.
Catherine Bell Bra Cup size is 35 C, and her Breast Size 36, Catherine Bell hip size is 36”, waist measurements is 27”, shoe measurements is 9.
Catherine Bell also has brown eyes and her hair is brown too.
I hope that you find interesting information about your star Catherine Bell Good Bye and our appointment with new article about Catherine Bell.

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