5 Personal Facts about Catherine Bell

Catherine Bell or as we all know her through her great works like Cassie ( The Good witch) , Denise Sherwood ( Army wives ) or surely as Sarah Mackenzie in ( JAG), has presented many great roles through the small screen.

Howard Stern show and Catherine Bell Breasts

I collected some interesting photos about Catherine bell during her interview in Howard Stern show and how they measured her body and huge breast. So let’s enjoy her sexy photos and comment on it.

Catherine bell Biography

A lot of us know Catherine Bell by her movies but , many of us do not know her biography . So I will try to give you good background about our beautiful actress and her personal life.

Denise Sherwood character in Army Wives

In this article we will talk about Denise Sherwood and how it affected our feelings.

Kim Delaney

In this blog we will talk about a friend of Catherine Bell who participated with her in the great work Army Waives the belle Kim Delaney as Claudia .
So a lot of you know Kim Delaney but I am sure there are some details about her life you do not know and I mention them here in this blog .

Catherine Bell in Thrill Seekers

It is known as also Shifters , starred Casper Van Dien, Catherine Bell , Martin Sheen , and Julian Richings and others. Thrill Seekers is a 1999 science fiction movie . Thrill Seekers is written by Kurt Inderbitzin and Gay Walsh, and is directed by Mario Azzopardi.  The music of the movie is created by Fred Molin, and it distributed by TBS .  
It is aired on October 17, 1999 on TBS, and it was shot in Hamilton, Ontario, Canada.

7 interesting facts about Catherine Bell

Away from her great works and movies and for the sake of her latest news followers , I present some interesting facts about the star of American series JAG Catherine Bell , who presented and still present a lot of great works to the degree that she printed her name on movies and works  , accustoming her fans to link her name always with those work.

Catherine Bell Hot Photos

Black Thunder 1998

In this article we will talk about an old movie to Catherine Bell, the fans of this super star deserve to know every small detail about her and she also deserve to have more interest according to her great works on the small screen which.

Drama Series Starring Catherine Bell to be Spawned by Hallmark Channel’s Good Witch

Based on the network’s very successful movie franchise , Hallmark Channel has greenlighted the Good Witch a 10-episode original scripted series .

According to her role of raven-haired enchantress Cassie Nightgale from TV movies , Catherine Bell will be starred in this series.

The secrets behind the beauty of Catherine Bell after her pregnancy

The British actress Catherine Bell is familiar to Hollywood. She offered many roles and all of them make her a familiar star not only in Hollywood but also around the world, her best role was in JAG and after that in another wonderful work Army Wives.
On the personal side of Catherine Bell she has a beautiful daughter named Gemma (born in 2003). Catherine Bell was decided to study biology but she turned to be a model in Japan and after that she becomes one of the famous and best actresses in Hollywood.

Patrick Labyorteaux

He was born in July 22, 1965; Patrick is an American actor, TV producer, and writer. He is well known for his role in the NBC series Little House on the Prairie as Andrew Garvey, in addition to his role as Bud Roberts in the CBS famous series JAG with the famous belle star Catherine Bell.
His early life and career:

Brigid Brannagh and Catherine Bell in Army Wives

So a lot of you hear about the famous series Army Wives and definitely you know that our star Catherine Bell has the starring role in it, and I talked about her role in previous subjects, so in this article we will talk about one of her colleagues who participated in this great masterpiece and let me present some information about her … she is Brigid Brannagh.