Catherine Bell in Thrill Seekers

It is known as also Shifters , starred Casper Van Dien, Catherine Bell , Martin Sheen , and Julian Richings and others. Thrill Seekers is a 1999 science fiction movie . Thrill Seekers is written by Kurt Inderbitzin and Gay Walsh, and is directed by Mario Azzopardi.  The music of the movie is created by Fred Molin, and it distributed by TBS .  
It is aired on October 17, 1999 on TBS, and it was shot in Hamilton, Ontario, Canada.
The plot:
The story of the film talks  about Tom who is a reporter ,  commissioned by the director of a newspaper to write an article on the major disasters in this century. While investigating photographs of disasters, he discovers that there is a person who appears in all of them despite the elapsed time between the investigated cases. This strange man turns out to be a futuristic tourist visiting the scenes of historic disasters. So Merrick and Elizabeth set out to uncover the identity of this strange man , but they soon find that they put their own lives on dangerous line to avert imminent disasters. 
Actor / Actress
Casper Van Dien
Tom Merrick
Theresa Saldana
Catherine Bell
Elizabeth Wintern
Peter Outerbridge
Julian Richings
Murray Trevor, Time-Traveling Tourist
Lawrence Dane
FBI Agent Baker
Yana Doorman
FBI Agent Connor
Catherine Oxenberg
Thrill Seekers Spokesperson (as Catherine Van Dien)
Mimi Kuzyk
Eleanor Grayson
It is considered terrible movie , although it is not as watchers expected it , but it remains our star Catherine bell is one of the best actors  in this movie , and I advise you to watch it if you do not know it .

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