5 Personal Facts about Catherine Bell

Catherine Bell or as we all know her through her great works like Cassie ( The Good witch) , Denise Sherwood ( Army wives ) or surely as Sarah Mackenzie in ( JAG), has presented many great roles through the small screen.

But who is Catherine Bell , and is she successful in her personal life like her acting career?
Let’s know 5 personal facts about Catherine bell you don’t know:
1. She married to Adam Beason on May 8, 1994 , who is production assistant on the set of the movie Death Becomes her in 1992, but the couple divorced in 2011 after 7 years , they have two children , their daughter Gemma Beason ,and their son Ronan Beason.
2. Her mother name is Mina and she was personal assistant and nurse, while her father ‘s name Peter Bell an architect.
3. Catherine Bell was born in Iran and then she moved with her parents to England , her mother is Iranian , while her father is Scottish , and Catherine Bell is American and has Iranian origins. Because she moved with her mother to the United States when she was 2 years old.
4. Catherine Bell before becomes a great star in Hollywood , she worked as a model in Japan but she studied Biology at UCLA and she wanted to become a doctor .
5. Catherine Bell hobbies are very much and you will be surprised when you hear about them , so let’s finish our subject and continue our interesting subject… she is speaks Persian and English fluently , Catherine is fond of skiing , motorcycling, snowboarding, kick boxing , making model cars, cross stitching, and also she finally took lessons in a Cirrus SR22.
Do you like personal facts of Catherine Bell… end
I hope you have fun and know more information about your favorite star Catherine bell …

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