Denise Sherwood character in Army Wives

In this article we will talk about Denise Sherwood and how it affected our feelings.
when we saw this great serial and how the owner of this character the belle Catherine Bell performed her role in excellent way.
So let’s analysis and make critical evaluation of the character of Denise Sherwood , so as we saw her in the serial we found that Denise as a mother , wife, and nurse practitioner , she presented herself and tried always to help people and devoted her life to the care of others .
She loved Frank and then they married even she rose through the ranks with him as he ascended to Colonel. They lived together and enjoyed happy times and even in the sad events they were together, have two children, their son who killed in action in Afghanistan, and their young daughter Molly.
Denise accustomed to live the life of military family, expertly maneuvers the pressures of Army life, trying to resolve her problems and even to help new wives to acclimate and putting them under her wing.
But in the end as solid and classy as Denise is , it hasn’t all the time been rosy , she finally is a human may make right decisions and wrong ones in the same time , and Denise suffered incredible loss and fought with some growing pains over years making her to do some bad decisions.  
She obligated to take up the mantle of tribe leader amid all the changes at joint Base Marshall.
So in returning back to our star Catherine Bell we found that she divided her time between her home in Charleston where Army wives was filmed and her home with her family.
And these details you can find only in rare people who do their best for their work and in the same time provide their family and support them without any neglecting.

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