Catherine Bell in Her Home

Catherine Bell and her husband, Adam Beason, are preparing room for their new baby before was born and they are buying new things. While Catherine is preparing for her role in army Wives, her family are preparing to move to South Carolina. Her family is moving many things to the new house and Catherine acting in the most important series in her life Army Wives.
Now Catherine’s daughter Gemma is 5 years old and Catherine brings to her a lot of Barbie. Catherine goes to play golf but she harms her shoulder and many photographer take a lot of photos to her and she lose in many games, then she said that did not want more photos, it is enough. After living in Los Angeles Catherine acted in TV commercials, because she worked in show business . She studied microbiology at UCLA after that she travelled to Japan to work as model and to acted in many movies and TV shows, then she discovered scientology when she was in 20 and helped in fear and anxieties and that reached her to act in JAG as Marine officer Sarah Mackenzie.
Catherine made a great role in Army Wives as a nurse, Denise Sherwood, and she is wife to husband who is away in combat and in this role she can balance between her family and work. She was taking break on Thursday and she does what she likes she said that she enjoyed when she took her daughter from school to swimming lessons, she feels so happy when doing that.

Catherine likes the southern food, her family enjoys in their time in the south and she feels that she is happy when she goes there because she thinks that it is her home. Catherin very kind person and she likes spending her time with the family.  

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