An Interview with the Star of Army Wives Catherine Bell

In returning to period between 90s and early 00s, one of the most hottest TV shows was JAG where Catherine Bell was the star and amazing actress, after that
she turned to another show which is not less importance than the first which is Army Wives, in which playing the most beautiful role as a wife of army soldier and who is living amongst of closed group of army wives. She starred in another role in Good Witch movies, and she made another beautiful movie which is Last Man Standing.
Q: she studied biology at UCLA, so what made her decides to go into acting?
Catherine answer: she first wanted to be a doctor, Catherine was not sure what kind and then she got to UCLA and in the same time her heart was not in it. She had creative thing inside herself, so she started to be a model and she went to Japan and after her returning from there she entered the acting world and fell in love with this profession in which she never went to school.
Q: what kind of career path would she have followed if her acting had not worked out?
Catherine:  she answered that she does not thing she would have gone the doctor route, she think and realized that she had more than business sense which is business mind through acting.
Q: her first role in Jag was completely different role, so how did she wind up coming back as another character?
Catherine: it is such a great story… she starred on the final season of the first one, where there was another who killed off. But it was very important role for her, in addition Bellisario created the show and he was successful in.
Q: her character on Army Wives was so diverse, so what characteristics does she share with Denise?
Catherine: it was so brutal, especially with the losing of her son and getting newborn son, so she had cried for three week straight during three episodes, she said that when she read the text started to cry and every time she remembers that she cries again.
Q: where is her character headed as it is near of the end of the season and where into the next?
Catherine: she said that at the end of the season every one will certainly affect where he goes next season because everyone got shocking news which affect everyone’s life and his decisions.
Q: Do she and the other cast member keep in touch during the hiatus?
Catherine: she answered that they are all busy, and the whirlwind lives take over us, but they will gathered in Charleston filming again.
Q: does she follow any TV shows on a regular basis?
Catherine: she said that she and her husband watched Game of Thrones and American Idol.
Q: does she active on Twitter and Facebook, and the updates does she make it by herself?
Catherine: she answered that she does it by herself, and sometimes she takes a picture of herself and holds it on Twitter.
Q: has she a movie coming out on lifetime, Last Man standing…
Catherine: it was a project for her and her husband, it is amazing movie and she loves it.
Q: Does she have other projects in the works?
Catherine: she said that finished shooting Army Wives and she had Last Man Standing and may she has a couple of things coming , may be a movie in the last summer but now she will stayed with her family.
Q: what does she like to say to the fans?
Catherine: she thanked for all their supporting. They are her amazing ride.
I hope you enjoy in this interview and in the end I presented you some of the latest photos for our belle Catherine Bell

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