Catherine Bell Interview with TVG from JAG and TBS

This interview with the belle is old but I like to give you everything about our star Catherine Bell.
She came to TVG to know some of things about her life after the role in JAG. So I will give you her answers in a paragraph form, and I hope that you like it because I think it likes a summary of her interview… so let’s start.
She is ritual for her to sit down with her husband and family, so in free time always tries to watch herself on TV. So when she misses her show on TV, she watches the tape next day, so thinks that her show in TV excites her so much.
Catherin Bell said that she and Carrie Tuner are friends , and she had fun when Bell worked with her and their roles in JAG were okay because they were both tomboys with a bunch of guys.
Her opinion about the new movie Time Shifters on TBS is it is time for her to start her way through adventure movie with Martin Sheen, Casper Van Dien, and herself.
The JAG was a great work and she tried to know a lot of things about the military before she started in JAG because she did not know about it, even the difference between the branches.
She went to shot Time Shifters in Toronto, so she did on downtime, by sleeping little or making phone calls.
She admitted that she wrote a letter to Donald Bellisario in order to get on JAG, telling him that she wanted to be a part of JAG.
Her mother is Iranian so Bell speaks Farsi fluently, because she grew up speaking Farsi with her whole family. She had two of Italian little dogs, and then she said that it takes eight days to complete one episode.
She declared that she got a lot of letters from women in the army or military and most of her mails are positive according to her role in JAG, and no one affects her to be an actress , she said just she decided to take lessons in acting.
I hope that I give you a flashback of Catherine Bell life through an interview with her about her role in JAG.
See you later in new article about our Belle Catherine Bell.

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