The Death of Catherine Bell

In May, 2013 it spread that the Army Wives’ star Catherine Bell was died,
and this shocking news made her fans and lovers anxiety and worried about their star Catherine Bell. But the news was untrue and it was like a kind of joke and just the latest in a string of fake celebrity death reports.
So we thank God that the news was false and we ask God to give our star a full health and happy live.
Firstly the false news has been spread quickly by Facebook pages and it spoke about rumors that include the death of Catherine Bell and this page has attracted nearly about million visitors under the command “like”. The page was given to the real lovers of the American Actress’s Passing Catherine Bell.
The page was spreading phrases about the death of Catherine Bell like, our star lover Catherine Bell had passed away, The JAG star was born on August 14, 1968, Catherine Bell will be missed and not forgotten, please show us your love and Sympathy by liking this page, etc.
Thousands of her fans started to send messages of condolence, showing their sympathy and sadness about the death of their star Catherine Bell.
But as many believed this false post, there are many who did not, and they had their experience through the death false news about the stars.
On Tuesday May 21, 2013 the representative of Catherine Bell assured her fans that Catherine Bell is not died and it was hoax.
By the way, Catherine Bell joins the false death list of celebrities who was good victims by the hoax.
Lastly, some of her fans got angry from that false news and considering it reckless, and the other said that was a big evidence for her popularity round the world.

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