Catherine Bell plastic surgery

The great actress ha many changes in her face in the recent years. She is 44 year old but she looked like 26 year. All people ask how that happened? Is that normal or she cares too much of her face or she makes something in her face.
She made some surgery to her face to look younger. Catherine Bell made plastic surgery to her facelift, eyelid surgery and rhinoplasty. Now she looks like younger and more beautiful but some people see that thing is not good. Now she looked so tight and of course that because of the plastic surgery. And that was so clear on her face and how she looks like now.
The eyelid surgery also has a great influence on her face and the new looking because it help in fixing her face, and her eye looking seems so fresh and young and there is no wrinkles around her eyes which gives her younger look. She also seemed that she removed all the bagging skin.
She also made surgery to her nose, which seemed different it is narrower and a bit pinched. It gives her the new look to her face and the younger look.
Now she looked so younger and she refreshed herself by being younger and more beautiful, but the fans protest her about that because they like her as she is and this surgery may be had bad effect on her health. They did not agree with her decision and they like the natural Catherine Bell without any changes.
Although the fans have negative reaction about the surgery that Catherine does but they still love her and wait her last works and they stay love her roles .
Catherin Bell is great actress and we all love her and wait for all new to her.

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