‘Army Wives’ Catherine Bell on Kim Delaney: we sure do miss her

Catherine Bell is feeling sorry about Kim Delaney because she will not work again with them in the show.
In season 6 Kim Delaney reduced her appearance and in season 7 she will not return to the show and will not act in it. Catherine bell who makes great role in this series declared that she misses Kim Delaney and the show will be sorry about missing her, Catherine added that Kim is very good actress and she is also very kind person but she has some conditions which makes her leave the show.
There are many changes in the show which it will have new actors and actress like Brooke Shields who will enter in the middle of the series in the episode 13 and Ashanti, Jesse McCartney, Torrey Devitto and Elle McLemore will share in this season.
The new season will has new events and new stories in addition to the actors and actress. It will take new trend and will have new ideas and senses and will be different from the last season. The new season will return on 10 March.
Catherine Bell also will have many changes in her character and it will increase a lot to the show. Of course Catherine will make a great role as she always does. She is good actress and full of energy and she knows what she wants. Catherine is very social person and she loves all her friends and tries to help them.
We wish the best for the new season of Army Wives and good luck.
We wish also all the happiness and success to Catherine Bell and we are waiting for all new from her and we say we love you Catherine and good luck.

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