Catherine Bell Birthday

We will talk today about Catherine Bell's birthday and the most important global events that have occurred on the same date of birth of this great star.
The Army Wives starring was born in the Aug. 14, 1968 of an Iranian mother and an Scottish and it was the same day which was born in it this Belle forty  had a lot of events including the bad and good at the level of the whole world and  we will know them :
2003 blackouts in the eastern United States and parts of Canada which considered the worst outage in.
1917 in Gaza, Palestine Turks attack on some of the Jewish population and kill them.
1935 Social Security in the United States and preventable Unemployment Compensation Act during Roosevelt's presidency.
1941 declaration of the Atlantic Charter between the United States and Great Britain.
1942 destruction of the British aircraft carrier during World War II by Hitler's forces.
1945 Japan accepted the terms of surrender with the United States after the nuclear bomb that hit the city of Nagasaki.
1947 Pakistan's independence and the withdrawal of British forces.
1966 Lunar Orbiter was designed to capture images of the landscape of the moon by the United States.
1967 was the opening of a wonderful Radio in London.
1696 deployment of British troops in Northern Ireland after violence that lasted for days in Londonderry.
1977 was President Jimmy Carter agreement with the congress to build the Panama Canal.
1986 was the opening Newspaper Preservation Project in the U.S.
1988 was the issuance of the New Oxford Dictionary in the United Kingdom, which is one of the most important English-language dictionaries.
2003 since the 3000 French died from extreme heat wave that hit France.
2007 4 suicide attack in Iraq on Kurdish villages, killing 1,000 people and displacing 796 people.
2008 signing of the Lockerbie Agreement between U.S.A and Libya to compensate victims of the Lockerbie bombing.
2009 train crash with several buses in Romania that killed more than 10 people.
2012 the protest by thousands of women in Tunisia against moves by the Islamic government to curb women's rights.
So we find that Catherine Bell birthday has a lot of important event which was happened round the world.

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