Catherine Bell Leading Role through The Good Witch’s Family

We will talk about one of the movies which are done by our Hollywood Star Catherine Bell. She succeeded in her starring through her roles and could to book a space in Hollywood world.
So will choose from her movies the recent movie in which she taking a leading role and entitled as The Good Witch’s Family.
The Good Witch’s Family is a Canadian Movie is produced in 2011 and it is the fourth film in the Good Witch film series. It first showed on Hallmark Channel in October 29, 2011.
The film was written by G. Ross Parker and Directed by Craig Pryce.
The film’s story speaks about a family consist of woman her name Cassandra Nightingale ( Catherine Bell ) and her husband Sheriff Jake Russell ( Chris Potter)and two children from an earlier marriage who are Lori ( Hannah Endicott-Douglas) and Brandon ( Matthew Knight).
They live in small town of Middleton. She has a distant cousin her name Abigail (Sarah Power) who is forced out of her house, so Cassandra invites her to visit by Internet because they never met just by Internet.
Jake speaks with Mayor Tom Tinsdale (Paul Miller) and knows that he will build a bridge which will connect Middleton to its neighboring, and that his wife Martha (Catherine Disher) does not accept that project.
So Cassandra is candidate for the Mayor position, and she tells her husband that, but Jake does not tell her that the Mayor has problems with his wife about his project.
Cassie is planning Lori’s Sweet 16 birthday party, Abigail arrives to visit Cassie and by chance she knows that Mayor is planning to build a Bridge so she refused that and stand with her cousin Cassie in order to win elections . So in the next day Abigail gives Cassie a love potion in order win elections. So, in the end of the film She is elected as Mayor and she becomes pregnant and Jake becomes as Chief of polis.
The Movie Cast is:
Catherine Bell: Leading role as Cassandra Nightingale, Chris Potter as Chief of polis Jake Russell, Catherine Disher as Martha Tinsdale and wife of the Mayor, Mathew Knight as Brandon Russell and son of Jake, Paul Milleras as husband of Martha and Mayor Tim Tinsdale, Hannah Endicott-Douglas as Lori Russell and daughter of Jake, Sarah Power as Abigail Pershing and cousin of Cassie, Noah Cappe as Deputy Derek, Karen Ivany as citizen, and Rhys Ward as Wes.
Here you can see the movie trailer 

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