Catherine Bell spilt from her husband

The latest news about our belle Catherine Bell is her separation from her husband after 17 years from marriage.

Catherine Bell, as we know the famous Hollywood actress, said that she has spilt from her husband as mutual order, but they still great friend as she claimed.
The Hollywood star declared that her mutual company with her husband will still continue under the administration of the couple.
Catherine Bell has opened with her husband recently a company for movies production under name DaVinci for films production.
So the beautiful actress split from her husband in October 1, 2011, and after 17 years of successful marriage between the couple.
Her former husband is called Adam Beason, he is and actor and Production Assistant was born in 25 August 1969, Los Angeles, California, USA.  He acted in three JAG.
The couple have a daughter called Gemma, was born in April 16, 2003 and a young son his name is Ronan, he was born in August 21, 2010.
Catherine Bell started to take lesson in flying in 22 Cirrus SR22 before she took the role of Denise in Army Wives the best American serial in Hollywood Space.
Catherine Bell was married to the actor and production assistant Adam Beason in May 8, 1994.
The couple had a successful marriage and comfortable live, but their walk ended by their separation, which all of us when we heard the news, we could not believe that thing. We always see the couple and heard their news by TV and they always appeared in good relationship and as an ideal married couple.
SO, Catherine Bell announced that she now cares about her children firstly and then she will continue her starring way in Hollywood world as she claimed.
We are now waiting to see her in new role through a good serial or movie as we used to see her in the past.

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