How does Catherine Bell look like?

The beautiful star Catherine Bell was born in august 14, 1968 in London, England.
The American and Iranian Women were married to the assistant production Adam Beason in May 8, 1994. The belle 5F, 10" (1.78m) height, and has brown eyes and brown hair. Her boob’s size is very suitable so she wears a D cup size bra. Catherine Bell is classified #75 of the hottest actress round the world as Maxim magazine .Catherine Bell has lightly brown skin.

The star Bell has also a single tattoo in her body which is placed in the right ankle and takes the form of small heart with a word (love) in the middle of it.
She has a daughter and a son and she divorced of her husband Adam Beason in 2011 after lovely good relationship.
She has acted since she was a child in much TV advertisement and has many famous films and serials like, Mens of War (1995), Bruce Almighty (2003), Thrill Seekers (1999) and the most famous American serial is Army Wives (1997-2005).
Catherine bell does not get and actress awards although she nominated in 2006 for Saturn Award for Best Supporting Actress on TV.

She is Catholic and loves her religion, she takes her daughter and son in tripe after his serial Army Wives had finished. 

She stays in good relationship with her husband as friends and she does not separate their mutual company for production of movies.
She has a starring role in the serial (Army Wives) where she took the role of (Denise Sherwood) a wife of General in the U.S. Army and she had domestic violence by her son.
She was applied to learn flying during the Hollywood writers strike, so the belle took lesson in how to fly in a Cirrus SR22.

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